One Reason Why You CAN Become a True Vegan

Gem & Lauris RK The farther you go, the less you know... Read my previous two posts to understand how easily you can get confused on your way to becoming a plant-based guy. Still, my friend says that it's all in your mindset. All you need when you feel like loosing it, is an ass-kicking … Continue reading One Reason Why You CAN Become a True Vegan


A Few Reasons Why You Could Never Become A True Vegan – Part 2

Photo by Kristian Gonzalez If you read part 1 of this post you might have thought that wannabe white collar vegans may have totally imaginary problems. Why don’t we talk about some real stuff, then. About issues that may prevent you from considering yourself fully vegan just because, umm… you happened to appear on the … Continue reading A Few Reasons Why You Could Never Become A True Vegan – Part 2

A Few Reasons Why You Could Never Become A True Vegan – Part 1

Hermes Rivera I have always been convinced that being vegetarian meant not putting meat in your mouth, and that vegans were those skinny individuals who, other than not eating meat, also refused dairy and eggs. Well... it turns out that I couldn’t have been more wrong! The other day, my friend (gone vegan) laughed sarcastically … Continue reading A Few Reasons Why You Could Never Become A True Vegan – Part 1

Do plant-based parents suck?

unsplash-logoAdam M I guess it's not rare that people going vegan feel so great about their transition that they don't even see how distressing it may be for the people they live with. Especially when it's the newbie vegan to make groceries and do the cooking. To get a firsthand account, I bribed my friend's … Continue reading Do plant-based parents suck?

Canada Day in Montreal

In my previous post I shared the story of my friend's desperate attempt to get some plant-based food while heading East down the 401. He was on his way for a Canada Day trip to Montreal. Ready to read some more? Here's a Twitter Moment that chronicles his experience in the capital of poutine. Heading … Continue reading Canada Day in Montreal

Is the 401 vegan-friendly?

unsplash-logoEdouard Ki This Canada Day, my friend hit the road. He drove along the 401 all the way to Montreal. He said he would want to shape his opinion on the proverbial Canadian inclusiveness – with regards to veganism. I tried to chronicle his adventure on Twitter. Click here if you want to read the … Continue reading Is the 401 vegan-friendly?

Is it really so serious?

unsplash-logoAlex Harvey 🤙🏻 My friend says that people's reactions to his transition may be the loveliest part of his becoming a plant-based guy. Sometimes it’s sweet when someone wants to be helpful but has no idea what to do. Sometimes comments you receive are really annoying. In any case people rarely remain indifferent when you … Continue reading Is it really so serious?

So he went vegan…

unsplash-logoHai Tuong I have a friend. A regular forty-something guy, quite successful with his career, living with his family in a nice neighborhood on the outskirts of a big city. A devoted bacon lover and put-more-cheese-on-that-pizza type of guy for most of his life. Boasting his long-gone long-distance runner career, killed off 25 years (and … Continue reading So he went vegan…